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Agrotourism Programs

Kilkis, Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center of Kilkis is a structure of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. It is under the administration of the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia. It implements activities and educational programs for Environment and Sustainability, under the Lifelong Learning framework. It has created and supports a group of volunteers for the environment and features a Lending Library for student environmental groups of the schools from the prefecture of Kilkis and the Centre’s volunteers.


The "circle of Bread"

In the Estate of Mpairi in Axioupoli. Experience the circle of bread from the plowing, the sowing, the harrowing, the winnowing, the storing to the baking in a traditional oven.

Tel. 23430 31363, 6974456252.


The Art of Winemaking

In all the visitable wineries:

Boutari Winery in Goumenissa

Phone 2343041989

Winery Archontaki

Axioupoli, PC 61400, Phone 2343031190

Titos Eftichides Estate in Goumenissa

Phone 2310 273620

Tatsis Estate

Nat.Street Goumenissas - Fylirias, Goumenissa PC 61300 Telephone: 23430 43060

Aidarini Winery in Goumenissa

Phone: 23430 41293 & 23430 41684

Winery Hatzivariti

6th km. provincial road Goumenissas - Giannitson, PC 613 00. Phone: 23430 41236, 2310 215 259 & 6972200102, 6977469030

Peteini Estate "Akrothea"

Axioupoli, phone 23430 32833

url: www.akrothea.com , E-mail: info@akrothea.com


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