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Why visit Kilkis

The environmental beauties, the rich history, the wide range of alternative travel options combine together to shape a unique experience for the visitors in the region of Kilkis.
The impressive mountains Paiko, Kroussia and Belles, with their abundant natural attractions, such as the emerald lake and waterfalls of Skra, the Axios and Gallikos rivers and the lakes Pikrolimni, Doirani and the artificial Lake Metalleiou -where Alexis Zorbas, Kazantakis’ hero lived and worked- with its rich flora and fauna. The archaeological sites, picturesque villages, churches and monasteries, the revival of customs and cultural events are remarkable attractions for the visitor.
Monuments, such as the post-Byzantine church of Saint George in the hill of Kilkis, the early Christian settlement in the village of Colchida, the great prehistoric monument in the castle of Chorygi and the significant ruins of the Byzantine castle in Gynaikokastro make an impression on the visitor. The Archaeological Museum of Kilkis, which among its many other findings, also houses the unique in the Northern Greece, Kouros of the Ancient Europos (6th cent. BC). The War Museum reminds the visitor of the, significant for Hellenism, history of the region.
The cave in the hill of St. George is among the most remarkable of Greece, with a rare decoration of coral material (it is even available for cave-therapy) and its newly erected Paleontological Museum. The variety of tourist attractions of the surrounding area is complemented by picturesque villages, such as Metalliko or Koupa, which are ideal for naturalistic activities: landscaped recreational areas in the nature, like the Ranch of Kilkis or the “Hilia Dentra” (literally meaning ‘a thousand trees’) in the forest of Mouries and a plurality of other choices offered to the visitor. The mud-bath in Pikrolimni, fishing in lake Doirani with the magnificent coastal path, the Balkan Botanical Garden in Kroussia housing endemic Balkan plants, the monastery tourism, the "Wine Roads" in Goumenissa with its distinct cultural and architectural beauty and many cultural events,  festivals and fairs which are taking place respecting the local customs traditions.
This is only a small aspect of the natural beauty and the numerous options that are available to the visitors of Kilkis.
Discovering the natural beauty of this region, the rich history and the variety of available choices is also a part of the magic of visiting Kilkis.

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