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Shopping is definitely one of the things you will enjoy during your stay in Kilkis.

At the city’s food stores, but in the surrounding villages as well, you can find homemade jams, sweets preserves, honey, olive oil, chestnuts, spices and herbs, pastas and a wide variety of traditional dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables. We invite you to try the local cheeses: tsiortan, parcharotyri, solgoun, tsiokaliki, gais cheese and many other traditional delicacies, which are honored in Kilkis.

Here, you will have the opportunity to go shopping in stores with clothing items and fashion accessories, footwear, linens, bookstores and more. You will also find many bakeries with delicious pastries, and shops specializing in pies and the traditional mpougatsa pie.

In Kilkis there are many uniquely decorated bars and cafes that stay open until late at night every day of the week, traditional taverns and restaurants that await to offer you their culinary delights. We highly recommend them for those who want to take a break during the day, or at the end of it.

Do not skip a stop at some of the folklore shops, where you can buy souvenirs from a region with rich cultural characteristics.

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