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Estate Aidarini

Aidarini family is one of the oldest winemaking families in the region of Goumenissa; it produces fine wines and tsipouro in this region since the late 19th century. It represents a vibrant part of the wine tradition of this exceptional wine-growing region.It has privately owned vineyards, but also works with contractors and winegrowers within the area of OPAP. It has been awarded for the construction of a new, well equipped winery and its picturesque traditional cellars, which are also selling points and a major attraction for visitors, can be visited. The family produces about 25.000 - 30.000 bottles a year, while the remaining volumes (about 80%), are sold in bulk.

Period of operation: Continuous

Location: Goumenissa

Accessible: on call

Phone : 23430 41293 & 23430 41684 Fax: 23430 43513

E -mail: aidarini@otenet.gr

Supervisor : Christos Aidarinis


Peteini Estate "Akrothea"

In 1991, Nick Peteinis planted his first vineyard, in mountain at a distance less than 10 km from the northern Greek borders. The farm is about 30 hectares, surrounded by lush forest environment, and because of its location it is affected by the northeast wind (Vardar) that in combination with the specific soil characteristics, dry climate, with large temperature differences from night to day and from summer to winter, and with the absence of pollution of the soil, air or water in the area, it offers an ideal environment for growing vines. These factors contribute to the production of wine that is perfectly environmentally friendly and healthier for consumption. Enjoy the varieties: Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Malagouzia, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Ksinomayro of Peteinis estate "Akrothea" of absolute quality and excellent taste. The winery is certified by the authorities and organizations promoting organic farming, since the day of its foundation.

Location: Axioupoli, PC 61400

Tel. 23430 32833

e-mail: info@akrothea.com

url: www.akrothea.com


Tatsis Estate

The occupation of the Tatsis family with the vineyard and wine dates back in time and to the region where they come from, Ano Vodeno of the Eastern Romilia, an area which is vinicultural for centuries.

In 1924 the refugees grandfathers chose as a place of establishment the village Goumenissa which is also vinicultural and acquired vineyards on the hillock of Libaskerit and Gerakona, an ideal position for viniculture.

Since 1998 the vineyards are being cultivated according to the rules of organic farming in an area of 13 hectars, which produces mostly Negoska and Xinomavro. Furthermore, the white varieties Roditis Alepou, Malagousia, Chardonnay and the red Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cinsaut are also cultivated. The vinification is taking place in the privately-owned installations of the traditional family winery and then follows the aging of the red wine in oak, French and American, barrels of 225 litres capacity.

The Tatsis estate is a member of the Viticulturists of the Vineyards of North of Greece union.

Period of operation: Continuous

Location: Goumenissa

Accessible: Following a telephone communication.

Nat. Street Goumenissas -Fylirias, Goumenissa PC 61300

Phone & Fax: 23430 43060

e-mail: info@ktimatatsis.gr

url: http://www>.ktimatatsis.gr



Titos Eftichides Estate

In Goumenissa, at the foothills of Paiko, among the beautiful natural environment and near the river Sirius is the Estate of Titos Eftichides. Passing the road to the village Karpi, leaving Goumenissa, one can find on the right, just after crossing the asphalt bridge, the dirt road leading to the estate. Following the Sirius River, between the plane and beech trees, we reach the area of ​​100-acre estate.

The Winery covers 6,5 hectars and the varieties that are cultivated there are Xinomavro and Negoska, that give us the famous Goumenissa wine (A.O.C.) and Caberne Sauvignion, labelled ‘Paeonia Tavros’ (The Bull of Paeonia). The Winery also produces the ‘Limnio’ label which is one of the oldest varieties and last but not least the old French Variety, that of Viognier, that give us an amazingly flavoured wine from a selection of varieties.

Period of operation: Continuous

Location: Goumenissa

Accessible: Following a telephone communication

Contact: E. Eftihidou

Ermou 12 CC. 54624 Thessaloniki,

Phone & Fax: 2310 273620


Winery "Boutari Goumenissas"

The Boutari company gave new life to winemaking and winegrowing of the region of Goumenissa, along with the support of local winegrowers and its investment, in 1984, in the small, unique at the time winery of the region that was equipped with the latest technology.

Goumenissa is the center of a region that is known for centuries for its wines, where the grape varieties of Ksinomayro and Negoska are grown.

Here, the wines that are being produced are: the Goumenissa Boutari, the Cava Boutari, the Sauvignon Blanc Boutari, and of course the Filiria, an eclectic mixture of the two main local varieties Ksinomavro and Negoska, made from grapes grown organically in the homonymous vineyard Boutari.

Other experimental varieties are also grown here, such as: Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which showed great resilience and, with the proper management, excellent results.

A visit in the winery includes a tour in the production facilities, the aging cellar and wine tasting.

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 15:00

Saturday and Sunday by appointment

Operational period: Continuous

Location: Goumenissa, PC 61300

Tel .: 2343041989

Fax: 2343041598

e-mail: goumenissa.winery@boutari.gr

url: www.boutari.gr


Winery Archontaki

In Axioupoli, on the road to Lake Metalleiou, at the foot of Mount Paiko, in our privately owned vineyards, the Archontaki family has built its traditional winery.

Respect for tradition, love for the blessed vine and the desire of the soul through the good wine, are the elements that characterize the entire winemaking process that Archontaki family follows. From planting the suitable grape variety to the final stage of maturation of wine.

In the cellar you can find wines and tsipouro made in the traditional way.

Period of operation: Continuous

Location: Axioupoli, PC 61400

Tel. & Fax: 2343031190

E-mail : ampelones@kil.forthenet.gr

url: www.wines-archontakis.eu


Winery Hatzivariti

In the early 1980s, Vangelis Hatzivaritis and Olga Iakovidou were gathering their friends to bottle the wine of the season. Soon, they bought their first farm in the region Bintamplatis in Goumenissa and planted their vineyard. The Greek red varieties Ksinomayro and Negoska formed the backbone of the vineyard, while they planted some areas with roditis, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2000, they bought another 50 acres of land in the area Vakoufia, in the village Filiria, which was planted exclusively with Ksinomavro and Negoska. Here, their winery was built, which was launched in 2007, while on an area of ​​20 acres they began experimenting with new varieties to determine their acclimation to the conditions in this region. The vineyard is cultivated with environmentally friendly methods and most of the work is done by hand to ensure high quality.

Period of operation: Continuous

Location: Goumenissa

Accessible: on call and appointment.

6th km provincial road Goumenissas - Giannitson, PC 613 00

Phone: 2343041236, 2310215259 & 6972200102, 6977469030, Fax: 2310218741

e-mail: infothes@itd.gr

url: www.chatzivaritis.gr


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