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Peteini Estate "Akrothea"

In 1991, Nick Peteinis planted his first vineyard, in mountain at a distance less than 10 km from the northern Greek borders. The farm is about 30 hectares, surrounded by lush forest environment, and because of its location it is affected by the northeast wind (Vardar) that in combination with the specific soil characteristics, dry climate, with large temperature differences from night to day and from summer to winter, and with the absence of pollution of the soil, air or water in the area, it offers an ideal environment for growing vines. These factors contribute to the production of wine that is perfectly environmentally friendly and healthier for consumption. Enjoy the varieties: Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Malagouzia, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Ksinomayro of Peteinis estate "Akrothea" of absolute quality and excellent taste. The winery is certified by the authorities and organizations promoting organic farming, since the day of its foundation.

Location: Axioupoli, PC 61400

Tel. 23430 32833

e-mail: info@akrothea.com

url: www.akrothea.com

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  • Coordinates: 41.007306, 22.529765
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