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Weekend in the area of Doirani

Ideal for visitors from the region of northern Greece.

Arrival on Saturday morning on Lake Doirani and its settlement, which is located 75 km away from Thessaloniki on the northern border of our country.

While passing through the city of Kilkis we suggest to stop and visit the cave of Kilkis that is located at the foot of the hill of St. George, featuring rare decoration of coral material, stalactites and stalagmites that confer unique beauty. The cave has been deemed suitable for cavetherapy, in order to help treat diseases such aschildhood bronchial asthma.Then, we can visit the Archaeological Museum of the city that features interesting exhibits.

After arrival at Doirani, we settle in the hotel and we can either tour the lake area with its abundant natural beauty or visit the location “Hilia Dentra” in the forest of Mouries that is located approximately four kilometers to the north. There is a beautiful recreation area in the center of a cluster of old oak trees, aged over 400 years, there and we can drink a coffee and enjoy the beautiful nature of the forest of Mouries, a beautiful natural forest with mixed vegetation of oak and ash that has been declared a "Natural Monument".

The coastal route that we will follow from the settlement Doirani to the northern end of the lake and the location "Hilia Dentra" is magnificent.

In the area of the lake, we can enjoy the great peace of the place and be enchanted by the amazing sunset where the waters of the Lake redden as the sun sets.The crystal clear waters are ideal for fishing throughout the year.

On the next day, Sunday, we can engage in some of the activities in the lake like boating, fishing, biking or even work out in the facilities provided and of course taste the fresh fish of Doirani in one of the fish restaurants that offer local delicacies and carp. Doirani is famous for its unique fishing practices and in the village there are fishing facilities that operate throughout the year.

To conclude our trip and while taking the road back, we can follow the road to Drosato and maybe visit a few other settlements, before we leave the area.


Weekend in the city of Kilkis and nearby areas

Ideal for visitors from the region of northern Greece.

Arrival in the city of Kilkis on Saturday morning and arranging our accommodation in one of the hotels of the city (hyperlink).

If possible, we propose to come to Kilkis through the route of Mikrokampos and Ksilokeratia, visiting Pikrolimni (located between Mikrokampos and Ksilokeratia) and visit the baths of Pikrolimni, or even stay overnight.

If the selected accommodation is in Kilkis, after settling in the hotel, we can take a trip to the north of the city, to eat in Efkarpia, visit to the archaeological site of Terpyllos and Palatiano, where there are also copies of ancient statues. For this visit, we should contact the Archaeological Service first.

We return to the city of Kilkis, where there is always an opportunity for entertainment in one of the many cafes and restaurants of the city.

On the next day, Sunday, we can visit the archaeological museum (here you will find four wonderful statues of Palatiano, the Kouros of Europos, along with unique and interesting archaeological findings of the everyday life of our ancestors), the War museum which is located just outside the city Kilkis on the Heroon Hill, and also the Church of St. George and the Cave of Kilkis.Then we can go to Gynaikokastro, to visit the Byzantine castle and then to Chorygi, where an imposing megalithic monument of prehistoric times is located. On our way back, we can stop for lunch in the picturesque village of Metalliko.

Returning to our base, after the completion of our trip, we propose to take the regional road through Colchida, Ksiilokeratia and Mikrokampos if you did not take this route upon arrival.


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