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Air Sports, Greek Aeronautical Center (EAK)

Greek Aeronautical Center

Flight lovers will find an outlet in the Greek Aeronautical Center, which operates out of the airport of Polykastro and the Military Airport in Stavrochori. If you also enjoy paragliding, you can get the necessary knowledge and enjoy a different kind of volatile pleasure.
Air events take place during the week of the Feast of the Air Force (November 8). Get to know the area from above and train to be a pilot in just 20 days.

T. 6972077771, 6977248581


Bairi Estate, Agrotouristic Activities

A number of agricultural labors that are performed over centuries in the Greek countryside, are reborn in the Bairi Estate. Here, you can watch and taste the cycle of bread starting from the plowing, the sowing, the harrowing, the winnowing, the storing up to the baking in a traditional oven.

Other programs:

  • Animals and labor
  • Bees and honey
  • Getting to know the forest

The property is located near Kilkis, by the forest, and it is open to visits from schools, associations and individuals.



The city of Kilkis offers a variety of options for dining, cafes and nightlife.
Read more at: Tourist information, restaurants and experiences.


Gastronomic tourism

The local cuisine, as well as the entire prefecture, is intensely multicultural. The Greek diaspora is concentrated on the table with all its features! In the homes, every season, traditional flavors and aromas beautify the atmosphere. The prefecture of Kilkis is justly proud of its rich culinary activity. Here, each family prepares pickles throughout the year, while local and delicious original recipes give their taste to every festive day of the year.

King of all ... the Pontian cuisine! Here, the famous pontian cheeses and pasta "Ragian" are produced in the village of Vathi, in an amazing, visitable production facility. Fine dairies, such as the cheese Doirani, dairies from Koukakis, Lykas and Kolios are also produced in this region. Parparas produces homemade pickles. Goumenissa is the center of the wine production with OPAP wines from the varieties Ksinomavro and Negoska. Wineries made with care, like Boutari and Aidarini, small wine museums, real gems, such as the Eftichides and Tatsis, traditional cauldrons like Archontakia, exceptional units with organically grown vines like Akrothea winery, but also new, modern and well-equipped ones like Hatzivaritis, are all waiting to guide you and accompany you to the wine roads, with aromas of grappa and tsipouro.

In this region you will try traditional dishes and sweet preserves in Filiria, in the home of Mr. Alekos, in Gerakona, in the corner of Mr. Vassilis with the genuine honey and in Fanos, in the traditional oven of Costas you will taste homemade bread and pasta made from traditional organic cultivation and stone-crushed cereals. From the taverns in Kroussia to the restaurants in Kilkis and from Livadia in Paiko to the scenic Kastaneri and the lush Kotza Ntere, exquisite meats from local free-range animals promise you unforgettable culinary delights. Fresh fish at Doirani, cooked in every way, supplements the list for the lovers of "Well Living".


Horse Riding

In an area of 20 acres, just outside the city of Kilkis, the visitor can enjoy relaxing moments.

Here, you can enjoy your coffee or your drink while watching the horses gallop. You can also ride a horse or even take horsemanship lessons by experienced teachers. 

T. 6976993221

url: www.rancho.gr


Mountain Bike

In the Mountains Belles, Kroussia and Paiko.

Information about the organized activities:

  • Mountaineering Association of Kilkis
  • T. 23410 20842 & 6975910459
  • url: oskilkis.webnode.com
  • Mountaineering Association of Goumenissa
  • T. 6979112663

Mountain, Mountaineering Association of Kilkis

In the Mountains Belles, Kroussia and Paiko.
In 1995, a group of former scouts who still had a love for nature and the activities it offers, along with other nature lovers from Kilkis, founded the Mountaineering Association of Kilkis, aiming to enjoy excursions in nature and offer this opportunity to others as well.


Museums & Exhibitions Kilkis

  • Archaeological Museum of Kilkis Outskouni 12 Kilkis, 61100, 2341022477
  • Folklore Museum Of Goumenissas, Goumenissa, Dimitriou Kakavou 18, 2343041362, 2343041525
  • Folklore Museum of Kilkis,Ath. Tsounta 2, Kilkis, 61100, 2341022343
  • War Museum of Kilkis, Heroon Hill, 2341076911
  • Museum of Natural History of Axioupoli,Axioupoli, Paeonia, 61400, 2343032971
  • Folk Museum of AnoSourmena, St. Mourion, PC 61003, 6947704410
  • Museum of Paleontology Kilkis, Kilkis Hill St. George, 2341352103, 6972078442
  • Museum of the First World War - Battle of Skra, Skra, Paeonia, 61400, 2343031656
  • Folklore Museum of Gorgopi, Gorgopi, Paeonia, 61400 2343031656
  • Museum of Rural and Cultural Heritage, Europos, Paeonia, 61007, 2343062283
  • Gallery "of Art", Metalliko settlement in Kilkis, tel. 2310 24217, 23410 28360 and6944 244761

Spa tourism

In Pikrolimni: clay therapy, balneotherapy, drinking therapy, inhalation therapy

Spa Tourism Centre Claytherapy - Hydrotherapy "Pikrolimni"

Ksilokeratia, PC 611 00, Kilkis

Phone: 23410-29971-72-73 Fax: 23410-29975.

Website: pikrolimnispa.gr

E-mail: info@pikrolimnispa.gr


Sports Center, Alexander

Especially for the football fans, there is also the FOOTBALL CLUB “Alexander" in Kilkis, located in the 1st km Nat. Road Kilkis - Thessaloniki (just on the entrance of the city).

The facilities include:
- Golf 5x5 & 9x9
- Playground and Cafeteria
Tel. 23410 70313, url: www.alexandroskilkisfc.gr


Sports Center, Atermon

Set in a verdant 75-acre area, the sports facilities of European standards and modern accommodation and entertainment facilities of the Sports center "Atermon" are operating. Visitors can come to the sports center to escape from the stress and the strain of daily life. The Sports Center "Atermon" is located in Agios Panteleimon Kilkis, 20 km from the town and 25 km from the center of Thessaloniki. Handball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, swimming, playground, internet corner are just some of the activities you can enjoy here.
Agios Panteleimon, Kilkis, 61100 Kilkis, Tel. 2341064792,
email: athletic@atermongroup.gr
url: http://athletic.atermongroup.gr


Visit a Winery

Experience the art of winemaking and enjoy delicious wines from the best wineries.
Wineries of Goumenissa
• Aidarini Estate in Goumenissa
Phone: 23430 41293 & 23430 41684
• Titos Eftichides in Goumenissa
Phone 2310 273620
• Boutari Winery in Goumenissa
Phone 2343041989
• Tatsis Estate
Nat. Road Goumenissas - Fylirias, Goumenissa PC 61300, Telephone 23430 43060
• Winery Hatzivariti
6th km. provincial road Goumenissas - Giannitson, PC 613 00. Phone: 23430 41236, 2310 215 259 & 6972200102, 6977469030

Wineries of Axioupoli
• Peteinis Winery Akrothea
3rd Km Axioupolis - Pigi, PC 61400, Phone: 2343032505
• Winery Archontaki
Axioupoli, PC 61400, Phone 2343031190


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