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Towns & Villages

The nature, which has been extremely generous to this region, is combined with the history of this area. The people, with their customs and traditions have created an excellent specimen of the beautiful and harmonious, traditional, Greek countryside.
Mountain villages like those of Mount Paiko and Mount Kroussia, which one can reach through beautiful trails in an amazing natural setting to enjoy a relaxing, healthy environment and fresh water from the springs of the mountains, exude calm, serenity and the excellent uniqueness of the region.
Goumenissa, with narrow cobbled streets, old traditional houses, abundant waters, the tradition of superior quality wines and music of '' Halkina '' instruments by impromptu bands.
Karpi, built on a plateau with its characteristic black stream running in the southwestern part of the village, the bed of which is actually black.
The historic village of Skra, with its few inhabitants and natural beauty at an altitude of 520m., which took its name from the nearby mountain top Skra di Legken that was a key battleground for the Greek state during the First World War.
Grivas and Kastaneri, beautiful villages with abundant vegetation, tree fields, livestock, authentic products of the forest and some old buildings with fortresses, which testify to the character of the area the previous years.
Megala Livadia, at an altitude of 1200m., a Vlach village with a rich history, which is full of life in the summer.
The settlement Koupa, at an altitude of 600 m., with its rare density forests of beech and oak, natural caves, sour healing water, the river, the numerous springs and about 100 inhabitants who are engaged in farming and traditional folk structures.
Metalliko, with a lush green natural environment and the unique experience of hearing the song of nightingales in the small creek outside the village, while at the foot of the hill lies the spring named "Ksino Nero” (Sour Water) which is suitable for drinking therapy.
The picturesque villages Pontokerasia and Kato Theodoraki on Mount Kroussia, are a mountainous paradise of florid beauty and are equipped with an infrastructure for nature lovers who want to spend a few days enjoying the peace and the excellent local cuisine.
Regarding the local flavors, the towns &villages of Kilkis offer unique combinations. Wine in Goumenissa, fish at the lakeside villages of Doirani, pontian cheese and pasta in Vathi, delicacies and preserves in Filiria, homemade bread and traditional pasta in the Fanos, honey in Gerakonas is just a sample of what you can taste here.
The villages of Kilkis are ideal, more than anything else, for one to see the rich beauty of nature, enjoy the authentic local flavors and come in contact with the traditional art and old habits of the countryside. To admire the footprints left by other eras, and touches of time, through the customs that are perpetuated in a location both excellent and unique.

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