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St.George's Kourmpani

The Kourmpani (which means "sacrifice") is a custom with roots in the ancient times, when the ancient Greeks sacrificed animals to the gods to appease them and to have good omens.

The main Kourmpani of the Anatolikoromyliotes in Polykastro is the one that is performed in honor of St. George.Usually, April almost always coincides with the Lent and St. George’s Day is celebrated at the second day of Easter.Therefore, the Kourmpani takes place on the Monday after the first Sunday of Easter, on the hill of St. Nektarios, the usual place of sacrifice.

Men from every neighborhood butcher Zygouria (young sheep) in the morning and then boil them.In this place, the men set up barbecues and tables with various dishes while tsipouro and wine flow abundantly.Many people visit the area to try the delicacies.

In the afternoon, the women gather to form a semicircle, each on the opposite side of the cauldron of the neighborhood with metal utensils.The priest blesses the bystanders while they wish each other for good yields, health and peace in the world.Some of the dance classes of the Association perform traditional dances of Eastern Romelia and then they share the Kourmpani.In the evening, at the 28th October square, there is always music and a feast takes place.(FromthearchivesofHeleniChamouroudi)

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