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An innovative and unique culinary destination, a timeless value of the Pontian diet.

Located fifteen kilometers away from Kilkis, just outside the village of Vathi is the farm "Ragian" (the old name of the village) in which for 30 years homemade dishes of the cuisine of Pontos, an area from which may of the residents of Kilkis came from as refugees, are created.

Cheeses like tsiortan (from fresh skimmed cow's milk), the Parcharotyr (smoked cow's milk cheese with a sweet taste), the solgoun the tsiokaliki (a type of Ksinomyzithra), the gais cheese (buffalo milk, "cousin" of the world famous mozzarella) and the "cheese of the cave" which is a smoked cheese with a strong flavor. Also, the cheese of "Georgiadis", which after it stays for 1.5 to 2 months in wine with herbs, it is then smoked.

The farm "Ragian" also produces Pontian pasta (varenika, makarina, evriston, korkota), phyllo sheets for pies, the Johann (Turkish gioufkas), sweets, ie otia, Perec (patties), siron and homemade pies.

Ragian, Vathi, Kilkis, tel.23410 84 267

url: ragian.gr

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  • Coordinates: 41.145358, 22.970931
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