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St.George's Hill in Kilkis

A valuable green lung for the city of Kilkis, St. George’s Hill facilitates the daily excursions in the summer months, while it offers an attraction for walking, cycling, jogging, as well as relaxation and recreation.

With a maximum altitude of 369 meters and an area of ​​628 acres, the hill has a rich natural environment and interesting fauna consisting mainly of small species.

The Refreshment Bar that operates near the church is ideal for moments of respite and coolness in a very beautiful and elegant environment.

At the same time, the visitor of St. George Hill has the opportunity to visit and admire a number of excellent attractions and attend various cultural activities:

On the hill the post-Byzantine church of Agios Georgios is preserved, built around 1830. In the bowels of the hill, the water has created its own architectural marvel. The cave of St. George is stretching over two floors, exceeding 1000 sqm, and is full of secrets, stalactites and stalagmites.

The Open Municipal Theatre, with a capacity of 3.000 spectators, offers the visitors a panoramic view of the city of Kilkis.

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  • Coordinates: 41.001347, 22.874648
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