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An important ecosystem for the region, Pikrolimni serves as a resting place for many of the migratory birds that are directed to the nearby large wetlands such as the deltas Gallikos, Axios and Loudias.It is deal for bird-watching and its fauna has a great variety that changes depending on the season and weather conditions.

Aquatic and predatory, migratory birds pass through the wading vegetation. Some of them are: teal, shelducks, mallards, swans, northern shovelers, stints, sandpipers and wigeons.Lesser kestrels and rare species of kestrels have been observed in the lake, around which hares also live.The high salinity(three times more than theDeadSea)explains the absence of fish from the lake.In Pikrolimni there is a Mud-Bath and during the summer the mud baths are taking place inside the pond in a specially developed shore.

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  • Coordinates: 40.861148, 22.813267
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