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Mount Mavrovouni in Kroussia

Diverse flora and forests of unique beauty is what the visitor will encounter in Mavrovouni, the highest peak of the mountain range of Kroussia, at 1.200 meters.

Mavrovouni begins with a vertical direction from Mount Kerkini (Belles) and proceeding to the southeast, it separates the great plain of Serres from the plains of Kilkis, constituting the natural border between the two prefectures. The cluster of these mountains holds the springs of the river "that carries gifts", Gallikos.

Mountains of sharp contrasts, with ravines and gorges with lush beech forests, oak forests, pine and diverse fauna that offer hiking trails and friendly hostels.

The flora in Mavrovouni varies widely. The area is dominated by deciduous forests of oak, pine and beech. At the same time, the herbaceous vegetation is particularly impressive as well. Myriads of wildflowers pop up, painting the landscape with gorgeous colors. Daffodils, Maldives, echiums, various kinds of campanulas and wild daisies bloom alongside the honeysuckles and geraniums. Mountain tea and chamomile along with cardamom give color to the landscape while the observant traveler will notice even the many grasses, the iris, the wort and sedge, krokos and the wild oregano.

Herbal balms, herbs and grasses grow here undisturbed, since the indiscriminate felling and the overgrazing of the region has now come to an end. A walk on the land will surely leave you with a wonderful collection of colors and scents of the Greek nature.

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