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Balkan botanical Garden of Kroussia

A real plant paradise for naturalist visitors. In the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, one will encounter Balkan endemic plants that bloom all year round. Visitors can discover them through browsing different paths including rock garden, silver-colored ones, pharmaceutical and aromatic gardens, waterfalls, ponds, streams, formed paths, meadows and woodlands. The Balkan Botanic Garden, an area of ​​310 acres is one of the youngest of its kind in Europe and has a rare collection of aromatic and medicinal plants, traditional varieties of fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, ponds, and native species of the Balkan flora, all in a beautiful forest. It is open for visits and tours daily and the weekends until noon. This unique for the Balkans Botanical Garden is located near the picturesque village Pontokerasia and its modern hostel, where nature lovers can find their own little mountain paradise.

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  • Coordinates: 41.090967, 23.110433
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