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Mount Paiko

Peaceful, friendly and charming, the Mount Paiko is ideal for mountain hikes and breathtaking naturalistic tours.It’s located on the northwestern part of the prefecture of Kilkis, along the border with the prefecture of Pella and its highest peak is GolaTsuka (1.650m).Its geographical position, combined with the altitude, the morphology and composition of the soil, gave to this area some quite rare characteristics.Through beautiful trails across green slopes, one can reach the picturesque villages of Paikos (for example Griva and Kastaneri) with their small paths, central squares and schools that resemble an older era.

Megala Livadia is also in Paiko, a Vlach village with a rich history, which justifies its name with the homonymous plateau surrounded by verdant peaks.The picturesque mountain village Archangelos dominates in the Mount Paiko, at 820m altitude. A beautiful village enriched with traditional elements, surrounded by green forests of beeches, oaks and thousands of cherry trees.The village is famous for its cherry and potato production and it is among the first villages nationwide, in cherry production.

Mega Rema (Kotza - Ntere) or Stream of Mayday is an idyllic location just 3 km from Axioupoli.It is an excellent fishing location and it features taverns, restaurants and accommodation options.In the east, at the location "Turkish fountain", at an altitude of 1450m a shelter is located, from where the top can be reached by an hour of hiking.Karpi is another small settlement on the eastern foothills of Mount Paiko (altitude 380m), which stands out for its Black River (TsernaReka).It came together from four other settlements in the area, which were consolidated in the years of the Ottoman rule.At the border of the country one can find the "gate" of Idomeni, with the beautiful water tower and the church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary that is distinguished for its interior decor.The settlement, which is known for the railway border station, was named after the ancient Idomeni, for which there are references in Herodotus and Thucydides.

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  • Coordinates: 40.952903, 22.335141
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