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Village Metalliko

With a lush green natural environment and the unique experience of hearing the song of nightingales in the small creek outside the village, while at the foot of the hill lies the spring named "Ksino Nero” (Sour Water) which is suitable for drinking therapy.

In "Metalliko" one discovers historical memories of Byzantium (the ruins of the ancient city "Vragylai" are preserved here) while the composition of its population in recent years are the refugees from Pontos, Anatolia, Macedonians from other parts of Macedonia and Sarakatsani families that imprint on the complex historical path of this region.

The post-Byzantine church, St. George, was built by Bulgarians in the early 19th century  and was decorated by the Zosima family of hagiographers from  Halastra.

In the village, there is a feast of the church during the May Day and not on the celebration of St. George’s Day.

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  • Coordinates: 41.016290, 22.819318
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