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The Custom of Perperos

This is a custom celebrated in Kilkis, on the first Sunday after St. George’s Day and always on the day before the Kourmpani.

The custom of "Perperos or Pirperoudas or Pirpero" has ancient roots and it arrived in this region along with refugees from Eastern Romelia.It is a request to God for rain or drought, depending on the weather.

The ritual requires the "Perpero or Pirperouda Pirpero or" to be orphaned by father or mother, and to lead a group of 10 to 12 girls aged up to 15 years old and to stand among them with her costume, a hair wreath and the greens around her waist.

The girls’ team, led by «Perpero», is holding a brass pot with water and a bunch of greens, roam in the houses of the village and sprinkle their yards singing the song of "Perpero".The housewives are waiting in front of their homes to get sprinkled with water and offer them different ingredients, with which the bread is kneaded on the next day for the 'Kourmpani'.

"Perpero" holds a sieve for the weather forecast, which is made ​​by tossing the utensil in the air.If this falls backwards, then a period of drought should be expected, while if it falls normally it means that rain will come.

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