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The custom of Lazarus (Lazarines) is celebrated during the weekend before the Holy Week by the Cultural Association of Mandres, in the village Mandres.

According to the custom, on the Saturday of Lazarus, a group of children wander from house to house singing the Carols of Lazarus.The housewives offer the children treats, money, eggs etc. in return.When the group leaves a house, the housewife throws a glass of water on a girl, a move that symbolizes the rains of April.The carols present a good opportunity for matchmaking as well, for the mother in law to choose a possible bride.

On the next day, along with instruments and various traditional dishes, the young people of the Dance classes of the Cultural Association of Mandres, start from the home of the "Mother of Lazarus" and while dancing and singing they are directed to the house of the "godmother of Lazarus" to announce her happy news of the Resurrection of Lazarus.

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