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The Custom of Sintiaka

Sintianka (which means a sitting gathering, a reunion) is an impressive custom that one can encounter in Kilkis, which takes place at the end of summer by lighting a large fire under the sounds of local musical instruments.Qurbani, is also another ancient custom that is revived regularly, as well as the "Carnival of Aspros".

In Eastern Romelia, where the custom of sintianka comes from, this was more of a habit.

On the warm autumn afternoons until the first cold days of winter, the women took their distaffs or spindles to spin the gathered wool, they "met" at the crossroads for a little chat, discuss their news, share their problems.Since the darkness fell quickly, they used to light large fires.

Men and women, young and old, gathered in groups and sang love songs.

The men saw to the fire by bringing large bundles of cobs as the women sat around the fire and took care of labor they had brought from home (spinning, knitting, etc.) while singing.The sweet-voiced women sang first and the others repeated the verses.
The fire was strong and made the area shine, because it had to act as lighting by electricity, which wasn’t available at the time.

Today, in remembrance of the above, the Association of Anatolikoromyliotes in Polykastro organizes every year, in mid-September, a celebration in the center of the town and many people participate.

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