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The Thracian Wedding

The Thracian marriage begins on Saturday afternoon, with the women of the bride’s family preparing her while following the ritual tradition.

On Sunday morning, the preparations and traditions continue. The father of the bride holding the wedding bun gives his wishes and then they break the bun on the bride's head and offer it to the family members.

Meanwhile, the groom is prepared and dressed with the help of his friends, while the best man and the family accompanied with musical instruments head to the house of the bride.

There, the friends of the bride hide one of her shoes and the best man must pay to get it back for the bride to wear.

The father and brother of the bride escort her out of the house, where the farewell dance is held and then the wedding procession heads towards the church.

After the coronation ceremony, everybody, accompanied by the musical instruments goes to the groom's house where they are welcomed by his mother; she empties two glasses before their feet, one with water and one with wine and then she offers them a sweet. The newlyweds, after passing the door, should tread on iron with their right foot, which means that their marriage and new home will be iron-strong and robust.  After that, the mother in law offers the bride a loaf of bread for good luck.

Then the feast takes place, which usually lasts until morning.

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