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Monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in Goumenissa

The Holy Monastery of Panagia in Goumenissa is one of the most important monasteries in Macedonia while historically it constituted the largest religious center of the region throughout the period of Ottoman rule (1430-1912).

Furthermore,around the monastery, the homonymous small town was built which is the seat of the newly established (since 1991 AC) Metropolis ofGoumenissa, Axioupoli&Polykastro.

The church of Panagiain Goumenissawith its miraculous icon is located in the town of Goumenissa and is worth the visit.

It is believed that it was a Catholic monastery, which during the 14th century was given to the Monastery of Mount Athos. The present church was built in 1802. The temple was renovated in 1837, while in the 19th century it was extended to the west. Inside the church, which belongs to the type of three aisle basilica with polygonal apse sanctuary of carved stone, there is a great wooden set (box temple altar, shrine).

On the shrine the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary is placed, which makes the temple an important religious center.

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  • Coordinates: 40.946882, 22.451041
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