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Tour in the Botanical Garden and Kroussia

Perfect for visitors from the surrounding prefectures

Arriving in the city of Kilkis, take the road to Terpyllos and continue towards Kokkinia, Melissourgeio, Parohthio and Pontokerasia; a trip of about 30 km.

The Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia is located about 2 km before you reach Pontokerasia.It is one of the youngest gardens of Europe, in a wooded area of deciduous oak forests of the mountain range of Kroussia and rich flora that includes at least 1,072 endemic and native species of the Balkan flora.

Here, you will find plants that bloom all year round (with a peak in late spring) through different routes that include rock gardens, aromatic gardens, artificial waterfalls, ponds, streams, formed paths, meadows and woodlands.In an area where the natural ecosystems of the Balkan Peninsula are protected and promoted, you can explore the extent of the biodiversity of the Greek flora, and even rare and endemic plants threatened with extinction.

There areinformation boardsthat offer knowledge and reveal the secrets of plants and benches, fountains, gazebos, the observatory and the fireplace of the meeting area, offering an opportunity to rest, relax and meditate.

Upon completion of the visit at the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, you can continue on the road, bypassing Pontokerasia, and arrive at Kroussia in about 3 km.

Here, at an altitude of 810 m, among thick forests of oak, you will find the hotel Kroussia; an ideal place to enjoy coffee or lunch.

Alternatively, you can stay in the hotel, turning a one-day getaway into a two-day trip, if there is enough free time, since both the location and the hotel are ideal for that.

Kroussia is an ideal place for trekking and nature walks and the hotel offers all needed supplies; from mountain bikes, telescopes and an amusement park to a massage room, sauna and a steam room, while the kitchen is rich with local delicacies: from wild boar with mushrooms and carrots to deer with wine sauce, traditional noodles, ‘hounkiarmpegenti’, ‘kontosouvli’ and Pontian ‘tanomeno Sourva’.

Our escape at the Balkan Botanic Garden and Kroussia is completed by going to the city of Kilkis and return to our base from there.


Balkan Botanic Garden Kroussia:Tel.2310471613 & 2341070688, Kroussia. Website: www.bbgk.gr, e-mail: info@bbgk.gr.Free admission.

Hotel Kroussia:Tel.2341200412 & 6976672767, email: info@kroussia-hotel.gr, Website: http://kroussiahotel.blogspot.gr

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