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Fresh fish in Doirani (Mouries & Hilia Dentra)

Perfect for visitors from the surrounding prefectures

Arrive at Mouries that are located at the foothills of Mount Belles near the lake Doirani, about 80 km away from Thessaloniki.

We head to the location Hilia Dentra (a Thousand Trees), in the forest of Mouries, abeautiful natural forest with mixed vegetation of oak and ash trees that has been declared a "Natural Monument".

Here, there is a beautiful recreation area, in the center of the cluster of old oak trees, aged up to 400 years, where we can drink a coffee while enjoying the beautiful nature.A walk in the surrounding villages, Mouries, Platanies, A. Sourmena, can lead us through a unique path, in an area with rich vegetation.

We, then, head to the village Doirani, in the south of the lake, following a wonderful lakeside path.

Doirani features a wonderful ecotourism system that hosts 19 species of fish that live in the lake, such as carps, scheiders, gobies, crusian carps, eels, painted combers, and a significant number of birds such coots, snipes, various species of ducks, grebes and grey herons.

The monument in commemoration of the Battle of Doirani dominates the visitors, but there are many other attractions such as the Museum of Lake Doirani. The beach of the lake is planted with trees and there are playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer courts and other facilities for visitors, as well as bars and fish taverns offering delicious appetizers and carp.

Here, we can select our favorite tavern to enjoy fresh fish. Doirani is famous for its unique fishing practices.Local fishermen use the reeds that grow in the lake in many ways, maintaining the traditional fishing techniques from the ancient times. On the bank of the lake, in the village, there are fishing facilities throughout the year.

On our way back, following the road to Drosato, we can visit some other settlements as well, before returning to our base.

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