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Monastery of St.Nikodimos of Mount Athos in Goumenissa

In one of the most beautiful slopes of Paikoat an altitude of about 700 meters and 7 km from Goumenissa, over the village Pentalofo, the Monastery of St. Nicodimos of Mount Athos is located.

The monastery is a glebe of the Holy Monastery of SimonosPetras of Mount Athos, it has a dependency and similarities with it. The creation and development of the Monastery of Saint Nicodimoswas reached with inspiration, visions and the labored effort of the Abbot Archimandrite Chrysostomos and the original three-member youth group who framed him. In 1981 the Catholic of the monastery -Central church- was erected in the presence of three Metropolitans.It is a church dedicated to St. Nicodimos (the ground segment is dedicated to Saints Raphael, Nicholaos and Irene). 

There, it was transferred for the first time outside Mount Athos, the sacred skull of St. Nicodimos of Mount Athos, the patron of the monastery, a great personality of the modern Greeks, a prolific ecclesiastical writer of the 18th and 19th century. St. Nicodimos of Mount Athos was from Naxos and he served as a wise teacher and scholar during the Ottoman rule, the doctrine of the enslaved Greeks whose books nourished spiritually generations of Greeks, insulated and protected them from two serious risks of that era, Islamization and Latinization.

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